Saturday, May 22, 2010

0 more days!!!

The Finance Report:

What a way to go! The $US dropped a wee bit from last week, but still finished incredibly strong, gaining a whopping 19% from when we first began tracking it in November 2009. It is no surprise at this point, but huge congratulations are in order for Mo 'Index Card' Lang as she handily walks away with the 1 EU prize.

One last note. Converting euros to dollars will be rather simple on this cruise... A euro is currently $1.25. Viola!


Thanks to everyone who played, or followed along in the fun!
The Web Report:

The final stats are in, and we had quite a ride.

   o We averaged 11 new vistors each day.
   o We had a record 42 new visitors on February 22, 2010.
   o (Click here to see what we were blogging about that week)

   o We averaged 64 unique vistors each day.
   o We had a record 270 unique visitors on April 2, 2010.
   o (Click here to see what we were blogging about that week)

   o We were visited by 66 countries.


...and we had a lot of fun along the way.


Nana on the Titanic:

For a while there it appeared that Mo might walk away with all of the big prizes, but not only did Karen swoop in to take this one, she did it with uncanny accuracy. Karen came within 46 views!!! 

In fact, the judges in their utter amazement have decided this must result in some special rules to be called.  As a result, a 10% BONUS has been added to this pot, meaning Karen has won 1.1 EU for her effort.  Great job, Karen!!!.
Mo - 40,356
Karen - 39,423 - WINNER!!!
(Currently - 39,377)
Old Folks - 38,848
Mike - 36,368
Cyn - 35,112

Ya snooze, ya lose!

Free postcards will be sent to these lucky winners! Thanks for playing!

Postcard #1: One Million Postcards
Postcard #2: Pope Benny
Postcard #3: Aunty E!


But be sure to come back in the coming days for a few more surprises. You'll find something to pass the time while we are away, you'll see plenty of content when we return from our trip, and I would not be at all surprised if our Cruisemistress managed to post a few updates while we are away.


  1. Just 4 more hours for us to hit the road to Cruisemaster Ken and Cruisemistress Cyn!

    Congrats: Mo
    Congrats: Karen
    Postcards: Thought we requested one for Aunte E but we must have done something wrong???

  2. Great job Mo, Karen.

    Loved the post Mike!

  3. I thought you were coming tomorrow? It's today? Kenneth!

  4. I won???....WOW!!! Now I have spending money for souvenirs!

    The day has finally arrived!...



  5. My bad on the Aunty E! She is now logged on the blog!

  6. Karen and I can go shopping! Wonder what we can find for $1? Maybe we can get Nana to do something for it.

  7. Ok, just a heads up, each of you will be receiving updated certificates with revised discaimers as follows:

    - Any gambling winnings go to the cruise master/mistress

    - Each of you will need to adjudicate a 1.5% surcharge based on capital expenditures

    - A blog of actions leading up to the event is required for passage...I have yet to see such a blog

    - In the event of miscreation or misrecreation, a post blog must document the event or events contributing to the miscreation or misrecreation

    - No pictures of the cruisemaster may be taken without prior written or verbal consent. Trans atlantic post travel penalty not withstanding and will not be tollerated or implicated.


  8. You're my favorite brother, Ken... We love you... (Quick! Someone slip him one of Karen's 'Happy Pills'!!!)

  9. Willy is here!!! Leaving soon!!!

  10. I'm in charge in Macungie now.

    Have a great trip everyone!!

  11. Stateside, Day 1:

    Arrived Macungie 10:15 AM. Rcvd & reviewed dossier for each child with Maureen. Boys on the computers, Sam out cold on the couch after being up all night at Senior Ball after party. Much hugging and well wishing as Maur & Mike headed out around 11:00. Glad to see them leave on their big adventure and so happy to be of use here at home.

    Boys online and playing Xbox most of afternoon as Sam slept on and on. Made their own lunches.

    I washed and vacuumed my car until it started to rain a bit...Nice. Andy went over Chris's house (Chris's mom picked him up).

    I cut up Box Tops for Education as Kevin counted and bagged them. We also went for a bike ride around the neighborhood - his suggestion. He pointed out all the major sights to me.

    Decided to go to the movies. Woke up Sam to see if she'd like to come. She was on board until she checked her texts; decided to hang with Rachel instead. She grabbed a PB sandwich before heading out.

    Picked up Andy at Chris's at 6 PM. Sam to Rachel's. The men headed out to the Center Valley Promenade. Dinner at Cosi (2 out of 5 flag rating by Kevin). Then on to see Iron Man 2 at Rave Motion Pictures. Andy - M&Ms; Kev - SweetTarts; Billy - SnoCaps. Good flick.

    Texted Sam when we left theater and picked her up at Rachel's. Everyone home by 9:50. All sent emails to Mom & Dad. Kevin sent himself to bed with a book (yes, he brushed). Sam likely up half the night after sleeping from 6 AM until 5 PM. Andy sacked out in the basement for the night (yes, his rubberbands).

    Checked the mail. Andy's progress report came. Very nice. Big improvement in Spanish. Up in English, Gym & Programming. Holding steady in the others. Good job, Boy.

    I'm catching up on some cards and letters and then off to bed.

    Maureen & Mike somewhere over the Atlantic and headed for a big day tomorrow. So excited for them.

    This parenting thing is okay so far...