Saturday, May 15, 2010

7 more days...

In a stunning turn of events...fraught with mystery and intrigue...And our leading story tonight...woman breaks arm, foils family vacation*.

This is the last full weekend before our departure to Europe.  What will you be doing?  Do you have Gazillions To Dos or just Odds and Ends. Almost 100% of the Lang Clan said that they only have odds and ends left.  I pity the poor person who said they have a Gazillion To Dos.  Psyche! Most have a Gazillion (how many is that in Euros?) things to do followed by Not Much!  You retired folks make us working stiffs look bad!

But we pretty much agree that we are silly/stupid/dumb to get any Euros in the USA before our trip.  Mike of course is yielding to Mo on this one.   

*Some of the best quotes came from the question asking if anything could make this experience better.

- Mom goes for the heartfelt answer "with Tootie"

- Ken the ever cautions, chants "No jinx, no jinx"

- And Karen replied "The experience would be better if I don't have to get a hard cast - will see this AM at 11 - hope the orthopedic Dr. just gives me a sling/air cast and some mild pain meds...I know...terrible timing! "

And to Karen's reply I said "watcha talking bout Willis?" and then called Mom and Dad.  For many days Karen was having pain and tingling in her arm.  Looking at possible causes was a little scary, what could it be? And then Karen remembered bumping her elbow/arm.  An x-ray later the doctor says Karen has a slight fracture, she should take a Advil, go on the cruise and then the doctor charges Karen's insurance a ton [sorry that was projection]. 

Everyone please meet Kitty Karen (happily not at the Kitty Sanctuary).  Please note, poor Karen did not get any happy pills.  Feel better Karen - we love ya.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our house!  Be safe!  Be happy!


  1. Perhaps we can get a few of Dick Michie's left over happy pills for Karen.

  2. Karen, I bet you get all sorts of special treatment at the airport, on board, and on excursions (like at Disney when you can get to the head of the line). Heck, maybe you'll meet an Italian doctor!

  3. Karen: This should help for the flight back.

    "per favore mi dia pillole felice per il mio formicolio braccio"

  4. Look! Look! I finally read your blog!! (really? already??) ...and it's about Karen breaking her elbow...I'm bummed...

  5. Just what the Dr. ordered! and relaxation and non-stop adventure with my family!!! glad there is no cast! Can hardly wait guys!!!....WE'RE GOING TO EUROPE!!!!

    Great post Cindy...wanted to call and tell you but it was either too late in the evening or I was at work...thanks for all the well, who volunteers to carry my bags?...LOL

  6. Hey anonymous, thanks for the comment. Who are you?

  7. ask Mike, Mo...