Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ken and I are very gratful that by and large the OPERATION: Poisson Rouge adventure went off without a hitch (but stayed tuned for a blog entry by Karen if she feels up to it).


  1. I forgot to comment when I took the survey this morning. (I love that the surveys are still going!) I never did get back to sleep this morning. I met up with Mo when I went back to bed, (she didn't care to sleep anymore either), then fertilized the lawn, jogged 4 miles, bought a weed wacker, washed my car, edged my lawn, and am now taking a break before Bill and Ed's Memorial Day BBQ. I might as well get everything that I can out of the time off, because tomorrow starts different for the bubbies!

  2. Yeah! Surveys!!

    Kev (and I) marched in the Macungie Memorial Day parade and the band played at the ceremonies at the park this morning. I've taken three showers since I've been home.

    Gained 3.5 pounds. Mike lost 5 pounds. He says it was the Mo-scursions.

  3. Mike and Mo do not know when to quit. Ah yes, Youth!!!!

    P.S. Cyn, please remind us again how to access the survey results. Mom would like to read.