Monday, May 31, 2010

Oooooo... Wow...

We've come full circle:
Back from the Journey!!

Hello to all!  We are all back, alive, and well, and all the richer from the adventure we shared.  Over the next few weeks, (on no particular schedule) you can expect to read about some of the highlights from the great European Adventure we dubbed OPERATION: Poisson Rouge. 

You will hear about:

  • JJ - (Ooooo...  Wow...)
  • The Ken-isms (well, some of them at least)
  • Bucket lists, favorites, and surprises
  • Bruno, Clever, Linda, and more!
  • Mo-Scursions
  • Ninja Ken (pictured below)
  • Mur see bow coo, y'all!
  • Billy's 'While you were out' living room makeover
  • And dozens and dozens of other stories and memories.
        ...oh yeah.  There may be a few pictures, too.

    Hey, it's what I do...
    A few stats:
    I'm really not ready to write up anything substantial for the blog right now, so why am I writing this at all?  Let me explain.
    • Mo and I awoke on Sunday morning at 5:30 am "their time" and arrived at our house at 4:30 pm "our time" - 17 hours door-to-door.
    • We stayed up Sunday night until 12:00 am "our time" (6:00 am Monday morning "their time") we talked with Billy an the kids, put away a few tings, and sat down to watch the 'LOST!' finale) - 24.5 hours of awake time.
    • It is currently 4:30 am "our time" (10:30 am "their time") but because I woke up with a cough (nothing major, probably just swallowed my own spit wrong during the night) and the fact that it is already 10:30 am "their time" (we would have been up for four hours over there by now, and well into a Mo-scursion), I am wide awake, and writing a blog. - 4 hours sleep after 24 hours awake.
    • Hmmmm...  As I get ready to hit the "Post" button on this blog entry, I realize that an hour has passed...  Its 5:30 am, or 11:30 am.  I don't remember the last time I coughed.  Time to go back to bed.  But before I go:

    What did he just say?!?!
    Ken-ism #16:

    "I have no general knowledge.
    I have only very specific knowledge."


    Thanks again, Ken and Cindy,
    and Happy 50th, Nana and Pop-Pop!


    1. Beat me to it - I have a survey coming in an hour or so.

    2. WOW - What a cruise. Where do you find the time to BLOG? After the 17+ hour return trip a few things had to be done.
      Unpack a suitcase
      Pick up Winnie
      Unpack another suitcase
      Get some sleep
      Start laundry
      Unpack another suitcase
      Checkout ~100 emails
      Mow our lawn
      Do more laundry
      Mow Mac's lawn
      Do more laundry
      Start picture download to computer
      Get more sleep
      Begin to organize pictures for slideshow
      Ain't dead yet!