Saturday, June 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home Survey Results Part 1

As nice as life was on the Voyager of the Seas it is good to get back to our normal lives.  So what was it like to get back home for you...

Shown below is the "winning" answer(s) and then everyone's answer. The winning answer is arbirtartily decided by me for reasons only known by me. I've decided to post everyones response; let me know if you like this format.

It has finally happened and it proves that good things come to those that wait.  Our survey this week was answered by a non OPERATION: Poisson Rouge contributor; Bill of the Bill and Ed team of South Bound Brook NJ responded.  Thanks for responding Bill.

Q: What was the best thing about being home?
Winning Answer - Everyone!
Bill: being with Ed again
Cyn: Getting head butts from Whitey, having Farah camped out on my lap this morning, and a cup of hot coffee
Dad: Being home.
Karen: ...exactly that - being home..
Ken: Sleep
Mike: Seeing my kids! (Well, 2 of them. sam is at a sleep over.)
Mo: Kids & Pillow
Mom: Seeing my animals.

Q: What time did you go to bed Sunday evening?
Winning Answer - Michael: 0:00:00
Bill: 0:04:00
Cyn: Our plan was to go to bed about 9PM. We made it until 7:30.
Dad: ~3:30 AM (their time)
Karen: I believe I passed out at about 11's really all a blur...
Ken: 7pm
Mo: 10:30?
Mom: 10 pm our time.
Author interjects - isn't it something Dad answers their time and Mom answers our time?

Q: What time did you wake up Monday morning?
Winning Answer - Mo: 6:10:00
Bill: 7:15
Cyn: About 5AM
Dad: ~4:30 AM (our time)
Karen: Woke up (WIDE AWAKE) at 5:30 AM - was bummed I couldn't go back to sleep
Ken: waokeup=4am, getup=545am
Mike: 4:30
Mom: 7 am our time
Author interjects - honorable mention goes to Ken who was obviously still struggling to wake up when answering survey.

Q: Did you watch the Lost finale yet?
A: Everyone watched the Lost finale except for Karen, Mo*, Mom and Dad. *Mo watched the finale but dozed off multiple times. Not sure if that counts!
Q: What did you think of the Lost finale?
A: Those that watched the finale thought it was so so.
Bill: Never saw the show before but loved watching Samantha react to it

Q: Did anything eventful happen in your absence?
Winner: Mike and Mo - see their answers below
Bill: new bedroom rug arrived
Cyn: Unfortunately my sister-in-laws' mom has a re-occurence of brest cancer. Say a prayer, send good thoughts!
Dad: Ant infestation in kitchen
Ken: Freezer frost
Mike: Billy and Ed redecorated our living room. New pictures onthe walls, furniture arranged differently, new desk for Mo's computer, pantry and kitchen drawers have organizers.
Mo: living room makeover, pantry organized, kitchen drawers organized, laundry new shelf and organized, new desk in dining room so now my dining room table is clear of 'stuff', more stuff to take to Goodwill, a framed new piece of artwork by Sam in the living room
Mom: I came home to a clean house. bless the Dickster.

Q: Anything surprise you?
Bill: there is always something to do with kids around
Cyn: BP oil leak still well, leaking
Dad: Dick M was able to get rid of ants
Ken: entire trip went smoothly (almost), no events at home
Mike: No (incuding the Billy and Ed remodeling)
Mo: all the work Billy did improving our place -- with the kids help
Mom: No.

Q: Now with the cruise behind us what are you looking forward to?
Bill: Getting back to my life with Ed
Cyn: I would like to train for a 5K.
Dad: June Fishing camping trip, July birthday celebration here, August Cape May camping
Ken: work, routine, summer, looking forwards to the year
Mike: Finish editing 'The Interview' with Nana and Pop-pop. 4th Annual RV fishing trip with Pop-pop and my boys. Wildwood, with the Bischers.
Mo: Returning!
Mom: Camping in Cape May and maybe Maine in September.

The last question of the survey is the "typical" open ended question where you write about anything that you want.  The answers ranged from funny to touching so come back to the blog tomorrow.


  1. Hey, how about a blog with before and after pictures of the living room?

  2. I love the new format!!! Made a great idea greater-er!

    Before and after pics... After is no problem. I will have to do some hunting and pecking to find a few before (we typically didn't take many pics in there...) but I know that I can come up with something! Good idea!

  3. Ooh! I love seeing everyone's responses.

    More! More! Please.

  4. Read it 3 times already! Love it, love it, love it!!!

  5. I finally got around to seeing your great blog Cyn. Enjoyed all the different answers and especially the answers from Bill. Mom will look when she recovers from her new sore throat/flu cold that hit today. She is currently staying in bed, living on Dayquil and Nyquil. Mom thinks she has a European bug of some sort.

  6. With all those Purell stations on the boat? Must have been the germ-y airport.

    Feel better soon!